We choose high-quality technological materials of Italian production.

We care about animals, so we do not use leather and fur.

We take into account the orthopedic features of the foot and the practicality of care materials.

*House Martin is a type of swallow that is best adapted to life in urban environments.

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Terms of payment, receipt, return or exchange:

1. You can pay for the order from a card to a P2P card or in a store after confirming the availability of goods.

2. Return or exchange is carried out if the product did not satisfy you in shape or size, but was not in use for 14 days and retained its presentation.
Top layer - stretch fabric for shoes with water-repellent properties (made in Italy).

The inner layer - spacer - is a high-tech material (3D technology) that allows air to pass through,
which allows the leg to breathe and does not soar it, as well as the property of which retains heat (made in Italy).

Orthopedic insole for sports and everyday wear in sneakers and other sports shoes.

Sole - livetech - it is light, made of foam (made in Italy).

House Martin Kiev are light and stylish shoes made of Italian materials. When creating it, we took into account many details that make it comfortable to care for and use.

It suits different images, making them complete.

Shoes in their technological process are simple on the outside and complex on the inside.

Thanks to quality materials, each pair of the collection is light and comfortable, which allows you to wear it every day and enjoy it.

We believe that simplicity in clothes expresses the individuality of a person to the maximum.
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